‘Shaun in JAPAN’ Charity Auction

29 giant Shaun in JAPAN sculptures, who grased green spaces and iconic locations in Shibuya, Osaka, and Yokohama, will go under the hammer in a charity auction. If you wish to participate in this auction, please read on and find your favourite Shaun sculpture. 

Standard size of sculpture *It varies depending on design.


‘Shaun IN JAPAN’ Charity Auction

The auction will be conducted in the competitive bidding method.

Auction Date
:Sunday 5th March 2017 2:00PM~
(17-5 Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
List of Shauns
List of Shauns
*The sculpture “For the children” will be donated to the Red Cross Medical Center and will not be auctioned.
Number of Shaun statues to be placed on auction
Minimum Bid
:JPY 250,000 (TBC)
Donate to
:Japan Red Cross Medical Center, Shibuya City Council of Social Welfare
How to Bid
:(A) In Person (B)By Telephone (C)By Absentee bidding (D) Online

*The operation of this auction has been consigned to SBI Art Auction Co., Ltd.


Prior to the auction, all of The Shauns will be available for a pre-auction preview.
Please come and meet one of a kind Shaun and find your favourite.

:Friday 24th February to Sunday 5th March 2017
:DAIKANYAMA T-SITE(17-5 Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)


*Details/Date to be announced soon.
*The preview is open to the public.

How to Buy

Meet your Shaun
The list of the Shauns (sculptures) is available on the Catalogue page.Please click here.
Prior to the auction, all sculptures will be available for a pre-auction preview. Dates (TBC):Late February to Sunday, 5th March 2017
Venue:DAIKANYAMA T-SITE (17-5 Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
*Details to be announced soon. *The preview is open to the public.
Auction Bidding Methods
The auction will be conducted in the competitive bidding method, and you may participate by any one of the following methods. Pre-registration is required for B, C, and D.

(A) In Person: Paddle display ⇒Download the registration from
On the day of the auction, please receive a paddle at the reception desk. Once the auction starts, the auctioneer will bid up the price of the Shaun sculpture one by one. Raise your paddle and show it to the auctioneer if you wish to bid on your favourite Shaun. Pre-registration is recommended for saving time at the reception desk. Walk-in registration will also be available and welcomed.

(B) By Telephone ⇒Download the registration from
If you are unable to attend the auction in person and you prefer to bid by phone, our staff will call you from the salesroom and bid on your behalf.

(C) By Absentee Bid ⇒Download the registration from
Simply fill out the Absentee bid form and submit your maximum bid in writing by the deadline indicated below. One of our staff members will act as your agent and make bids up to your limit.

(D) Online with Live Auction System ⇒Download the registration from
You can participate in the auction using our real-time live streaming system. Please read and agree to our Live Auction System Terms of Use.
*Required for all Phone / Absentee / Online bidding participants.
Please read carefully our Condition of Auction before you submit the registration form.
Please fill in all required fields and send your form before deadline.

Pre-registration/Bidding deadline
5:00pm (JST), Friday 3rd March 2017

①Email To: artauction@sbigroup.co.jp
Subject: Shaun IN SHIBUYA Charity Auction
③Postage:SBI Art Auction Co., Ltd.
Attn: Shaun in Japan Charity Auction
7th Floor, TFT Bld., 3-6-11 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0063
*Please make sure that your postage is delivered in plenty of time before the deadline. We will not be held responsible for any lost, delayed or undelivered post.
A relevant invoice will be posted to you after the auction. Please pay for your purchase in Japanese Yen before 3:00pm (JST) on Friday, 17th March 2017. We ask you to pay via wire transfer into the following bank account. We do not accept cash or credit cards.

Bank account
Account name: SBI art auction Co., Ltd (フリガナ) エスビーアイアートオークション(カ
Bank name: Mizuho Bank
Branch: Otemachi Corporate Banking Division
Account No.: 5315263
*The buyer will be charged for the cost of packaging and shipping upon delivery.
Your purchased sculpture(s) will be transferred to your possession after payment has been confirmed. If you want to have your sculpture(s) shipped or wish to pick them up, please fill out a “Delivery Instructions” form and send it to us. The buyer will be charged for a cost of packaging and shipping upon delivery.


SBI Art Auction Co., Ltd. (Attn: Shaun in Japan Charity Auction)
7th Floor, TFT Bld., 3-6-11 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0063
Tel: 03-3527-6692 | Fax: 03-3529-0777 | E-mail: artauction@sbigroup.co.jp

Precautions on Shaun IN SHIBUYA Charity Auction

Dear Auction participant,
Please read the following precautions and acknowledge the stated terms prior to your participation in the auction:

1. The operation of this auction has been assigned to SBI Art Auction Co., Ltd.
2. Since the Shaun IN JAPAN Project is a private organisation, payments to be made to the auction will not be eligible for tax deduction.
3. This charity auction is being conducted based on the spirit of “making children happy through art”. Accordingly, please refrain from using the art piece you successfully bid for, for political purposes, promotion of other charities or any other purposes which may be considered as contrary to public order and morality.
4. The Shaun IN JAPAN Project shall be held harmless of any liability or loss which may be caused as a result of any usage of the art piece which has been awarded to you.
5. Please bear in mind that your winning bid for the art piece does not transfer the intellectual property rights to the piece to you. Such rights shall be reserved to the rightful owner of such intellectual property.
6. Your payment of the winning bid price will not include additional costs for packaging, delivery and insurance. These costs will be billed to you separately.
7. The art pieces placed on auction may contain reasonable wear and tear, including minor scratches, as a result of public exhibitions held at various venues. Therefore, please make sure to acknowledge that the pieces are not brand new, prior to placing your bids.
8. Some of the art pieces placed on auction may be suitable for display outdoors, however, some may be suitable for display indoors only. Please make sure to confirm prior to placing your bids.
9. The delivery of the art pieces is scheduled to be made between one to two months from the date of the auction.
10. The art pieces placed on auction were created for ornamental purpose only and not as play toys or furniture. Accordingly, we do not recommend placing people or objects on top of them. Additionally, their ears, heads and legs are very delicate, therefore, please make sure to pay extra caution when moving or transporting them.
11. In the event you wish to clean the art piece, wiping it using cloth made of hard fabrics may make the dirt spread even further. We recommend using a brush or cloth made out of soft material without applying excessive force on the surface of the piece.